Who LOVES Dick Pics?

Who LOVES Dick Pics?

Science studied this question and came up with some not-so-surprising results.

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The short answer is: Some individuals love receiving dick pics and some don’t.

So, get consent.


But that’s not really much of an answer.

And science did come up with a better answer for us, after surveying over 2,300 people, ages 18-90, including varied sexual orientations and races.

53% of the people surveyed reported having received a dick pic, and over 90% of those got at least one unsolicited.

Probably no surprise there, unless you thought the numbers might be higher, but remember, we have grandma and grandpa in this survey, too, so there’s that…

And women reported overall feeling negatively about the photos they received. The words disrespected, grossed out, sad and violated were reported.

Again, no surprise.

Well, maybe a surprise to some of you, since I keep getting unsoliicted dick pics, even on sites that don’t allow attachments, and y’all have to upload them to a file sharing URL.


But I digress.

You know who overwhelmingly respond positively to dick pics?

Can you guess who more often used words like: aroused, curious, entertained, and flattered?

Gay and bisexual men.

Which, if you think about it, it totally makes sense.

The gender who LOVE sending dick pics are also the gender who most love receiving them.

Now, I’ll be clear: not ALL gay or bi men liked dick pics, either. It was just a LOT more than the women. And some women did enjoy them, but WAYYYYY less than half. WAY LESS.

So, if you’re going to send dick pics, gay and bi men are your best bet.

But were I better woman (I’m not), I’d bet that getting consent from anyone FIRST is going to be more successful.

Something as simple as, “Hey, I have a risqué photo I’d like to share. Would you be open to seeing my junk?” would work well.

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