You’re right. It’s NOT FAIR.

You’re right. It’s NOT FAIR.

I had a conversation with some one a week or two ago. Here’s how it went:

NotFair 32M sub
You looking for a sub?


You could have known the answer to that by looking at my profile and what I’m looking for on here.

NotFair 32M sub
I ignored your profile to talk to you directly. I ignored third parties.

That’s ridiculous. People write profiles for others to read.

If you ignore information that is handed to you free that might help you succeed, you would be a poor submissive. I can also tell you most women will feel that way.

Good luck to you.

NotFair 32M sub
Do you know any other dommes that are looking for subs? I dont know what to do.
Its like for some reason all other dommes don’t want other subs. Maybe cause they don’t want black subs. Idk 🤷‍♂️
Its frustrating

For me it has nothing to do with you being black. I didn’t even know.

It’s that I already have a tribe of 5 people, we’re just coming out of a pandemic, and I don’t have the time or inclination to create another relationship that I will be responsible for.

ESPECIALLY one that is nowhere near me.

And no, I will not point you to anyone I know.

I don’t know you. You have shown you’re not willing to do even the bare minimum of reading a profile, so I really don’t think you would be a good submissive.

YOU have to do your own work. Just like everyone else. And that means finding the people and places where you fit in well, and building a life and a reputation there. Either online or in the real world.

Everyone has to put in the effort to get what they really want. That’s just how life works.

NotFair 32M sub
Everyone except for women. Like you 😡😠
Easy for you to say when you have men coming to YOU. Why you can’t throw me a bone i don’t know. I cant go to local events due to being banned for no reason so I dont have a way unless other dommes can help me out. I mean just a name will do thats all. A name of other dommed that are maybe looking. I think I would be a good submissive. You don’t know me at all. You can’t judge me. Ive been a submissive that has been looking for about 10 years. Ever since 2012 I’ve been looking. Others have had it much easier than me when it comes to finding a domme. Idk. You don’t know me though. Its not fair for you to judge me or judge how good of a submissive I am.

I can guess based on our conversation why you’ve been banned.

Because you’re coming across as an entitled misogynistic man-baby.

And yes, I can judge you. That’s what people do. From the very first contact. You have not bothered to put in any effort, and you want something incredibly special, intimate, and deep handed to you without doing anything to earn it.

That’s not how the world works.

Grow up.

If you ever decide you are willing to put in the effort to really become a happy and well-adjusted person, reach out. I’ll help with some reading that you can start with.

(And no, saying it in your next message won’t work—you’ll need to take time to think it over.)

Because I have been where you are (without the sexist rage), and I figured it out. It took nearly 5 years before I really felt like I understood how to connect with people, and more than that before I discovered I’m fucking awesome, and people really love me (and I deserve that love).

Until then, though, I’ll wish you the best of luck. I won’t respond again on this thread.

NotFair 32M sub
This isn’t fair at all. Women don’t put in effort in because 99% of the time yall are the pursued and not the pursuers. So when it comes to putting in effort its totally one sided. Something only males have to worry about so what you are saying is disingenuous. Not fair at all. Thats like a rich person telling a poor person to not worry about food. So its not fair at all.

You’re right. It’s not fair.

1.It’s not fair that the people throwing themselves at me don’t bother reading the profile that might help them not waste my time.

2.It’s not fair that the (literally) hundreds of messages I get every week rarely have even ONE good potential match (probably because of #1).

3.It’s not fair that people think others owe them their time and attention without putting in even a small amount of effort.

4.It’s not fair that I spent the first 34 years of my life feeling utterly and totally cut off from other humans, because my brain doesn’t work like theirs.

5.It’s not fair that I had to WORK for years at being a better human and learn how to be a friend and that it was harder for me than most because of that.

6.It’s not fair that I still have to work at it sometimes, when it comes so easy to many.

7.It’s not fair that some people have it even worse than I do.

NONE of this is fair.

NONE of it.

Life doesn’t DO fair.

However, I do my best (and sometimes my best is telling someone off and not responding to them again) to help others who have challenges like I had challenges, by giving feedback, and writing EVERY DAY, and offering free education and a dating site for people to grow and connect.

But you know what?

That’s only going to work for the people who actually WANT to be better and put in the effort.

Fair or not.

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