Follow Friday & Shout Out List, June 25

Follow Friday & Shout Out List, June 25

Welcome to our first Follow Friday and Shout Out List! This will be a weekly recurring post to introduce you to some amazing kinky and sex-positive folk online for you to perv, follow, support—whatever.

Let’s get to it!

Mischief Matters w/ Mistress Schari

Third Wednesdays 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific

Mischief Matters explores kink in a conversation for everyone. Mistress Schari has a gift for making the risqué and taboo mainstream so that anyone can participate. Covering a wide variety of subjects within the BDSM/Kink community, each week Mistress Schari and catnip will speak live with experts, friends, and guests regarding their kinky experiences, advice, and opinions, including listener emails. Mistress Schari believes… a little Mischief Matters.

Awakened (Bound Kitten Book 1)

By Madilynn York

Ever feel you don’t quite relate to the 50 Shades kinky stories?

I wrote a story (based on my life and other awesome kinky folk!) about a Submissive’s journey to being owned by her Master. Chockful of awkward charming ancedotes, erotic play scenes, and a storyline that helps you understand her innermost thoughts and struggles as she accepts herself fully for who she is, not what someone might want her to be.

The book is out now!!! Thanks in advance for your love and support!

Rope With Bite

Growly is an amazing presenter, and hosts our monthly Rope class from the UK. He’s also got a shop for the UK folk to get their rope needs met!

Sam Jones

Sam presented for our My Power, Your Power: All About Power Exchange event earlier this month, and she was a HUGE hit! Nothing but rave reviews.

She has a YouTube Channel at, and is well worth a watch!

Keep an eye out for more awesome collaborations coming!

Do you want to be signal boosted? Just send in a request? We like to mix it up between boosting amazing people we know and have worked with and new people!

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