No Regrets

No Regrets

No Regrets

If I have ONE rule in relationships—kinky relationships, PE relationships, vanilla relationships, any kind of relationships—it’s ‘No Regrets.’

Now, I don’t mean doing something, then afterwards having to slap the “no regrets” label on.

I mean take every step in a relationship knowing that if it were to end tomorrow, or 5 minutes from now, or a year from now, that you would have No Regrets.

And when I say, No Regrets, I mean No Regrets if he tells you he never loved you. No Regrets if you find out she was cheating on you. No Regrets if you find out he stole all that you have. No Regrets if she tells you that you have a small dick, and she’s never enjoyed sex with you.

Seriously. No Regrets.

And it’s simple. Not easy, not at all easy, but simple.

Every decision you make in the no regrets lifestyle is based on the information you know, and taking responsibility for that decision.



A FinDomme requests money.

No regrets means you either decline, knowing she may never talk to you again, you give her money, knowing she is probably playing you, or you take another approach, with whatever the results may be.

Your Dom asks you to do something you are uncomfortable with.

No regrets means you either decline, knowing you may be punished, or decide to take the responsibility of doing it, and knowing it was your decision, or try to talk to him about it, knowing you may anger him.

Your significant other wants to see a movie you don’t particularly want to see.

No regrets means you either decline, knowing your partner will be disappointed, or you go, determined to have the best time possible and have fun with your mate.

You like a girl/guy, and you don’t know how they feel.

No regrets means you either tell them, and know they may not return the feelings, or you do not, and enjoy having your own secret.

In fact, I’ll go further and give you an actual example of this. I like this boy. He’s cute. He lets me paw him, and he reacts deliciously. I told him several times that I like pawing him. I told him that I hope to paw him more. I told him that I like him.

He could say tomorrow, “Meh. I don’t really like you that much,” and I would still be happy I told him, happy I pawed him, and happy I asked for more.

Because I will never regret telling my truth.

Your No Regrets will probably look different from mine. That’s OK. What you might regret and what I might regret are probably very different. That’s cool.

I do hope, though, if you get into a relationship with me, that you have your No Regrets in order. Because I will. and that frees me to say and do things that might be unexpected.

And if you take me out to dinner, don’t do it expecting to get a blow job. If I want to give you one with No Regrets, I will. Otherwise, you better have No Regrets, because I will not sympathize with you if you create some sort of covert contract with me in your head that I fail to live up to.

And you can bet that in a relationship with me, you will always know what you need to know to have the best relationship with me possible, and that if you decide you want out, I will have No Regrets.

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  1. I have never thought about it that way, and for me, i am afraid that if i do something wrong that i will fuck it up and loose the opportunity to meet “the one” so i do nothing — so now i am here to figure shit out —- Thanks

    1. You’re very welcome.

      Here’s something to keep in mind. Rather than think of a “ONE,” think of the possibilities. Everyone is a possibility for something: conversation, a bit of play, scuba diving, friendship, dating, love. And some will have more possibilities than others, but you won’t know, until you meet them and get to know them.

      Don’t try to put the weight of being THE ONE on them before you even say hello.

      That’s not fair to either of you.

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