We’re looking for kinklings!

We’re looking for kinklings!

What are kinklings? Kinklings are kinksters in the age rang of 18 to 35.

When I owned a kink venue, we hosted a kindling event every month, where the younger crowd could gather and enjoy each other’s company, talk about kink as it affected them (and as they wanted to experience it), and generally enjoy their very own space.

Even then, I was too old for that crowd, LOL!

But even so, I felt like it was a valuable thing to give younger people the space and resources to explore kink on their own, without feeling the eyes and judgment of older generations on them.

I still believe that, and so I’m looking for some amazing kinklings to help create a space online.

For kinklings to gather, share education, find resources, and more.

For those who want to learn from others. For those who may not live near or have access to a local group. For those who are shy, or just starting out.


Fill out our rolodex form, and let’s talk!

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