I’ll Take 3. I’ll Take 13. I’ll Take 130, Even!

I’ll Take 3. I’ll Take 13. I’ll Take 130, Even!

I read this post a few days ago:

Did you know most people believe 3 to 13 minutes of intercourse is acceptable?

And with that title, it begins:

An article like this makes it painfully obvious that masculine people are not getting the sexual instruction they need to train their feminine partners to reach new sexual heights.

And continues later with:

I’m currently working on another course that helps put the proverbial child to sleep who thinks 3 to 13 minutes of intercourse is acceptable while awakening the sexually aware masculine being inside.

Well, let me just say:

I think 3-13 minutes of intercourse is acceptable.

In fact, sometimes, it’s perfect.

Not all the time, of course.

Sometimes, I’d like 130 minutes of intercourse, please.




Aggressive intercourse.

Delicious, amazing, make-my-cunt-sore-for-days, stretch it, wear it out fucking.

Here’s the secret:

The longer/better the OTHER stuff (what most people call foreplay, and I call sexy times), the less the fucking HAS to make up for it.

After a few hours of oral (both ways) edging him to near cumming like 7 times, being brought to orgasm 30+ times and ways, 3 minutes is just fine, thank you.

I’ll probably get three amazing orgasms out of it, and be very, very happy.

So, rather than minutes of intercourse, I prefer to count orgasms.

3 orgasms from intercourse are good.

13 orgasms from intercourse are awesome.

130 orgasms from intercourse are fucking fantastic…

But also a bit exhausting, and probably shouldn’t follow 50+ orgasms for foreplay, or I’m out like a light for the next 36 hours, and wake up ravenous and ready to eat the 7 items I find closest to me, including people and pets.

So, I don’t measure his masculinity by how long he can fuck.

I measure it by how much pleasure he can give me when we have sex, with his mouth, his hands, his body, his cock, his mind, his heart, his soul… and whatever toys we have on hand.

But then, perhaps I’m wrong, somehow. Maybe I need someone to show me the error of my ways.

Until then, I’ll enjoy my 3, 13, or 130 orgasm intercourse as best I can…

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