Woo Me, Princess.

Woo Me, Princess.

Do you want me to boss you around? Tell you what to do?

Well, then, woo me, princess. Show me all the amazing things you can do for me. Make me crave your service.

You want me to wear leather and spike heels? To whip you and paddle you like the naughty boy/girl you are?

Well, then, woo me, princess. Offer me that energy from your heart, without abandon. Give me a taste of what’s in store.

You want me to control your orgasms, tell you when to cum, and tell you when to hold out?

Well, then, woo me, princess. Treat your cock with honor and respect, so that I may respect it as well. So that I may want it, and believe it is worth owning.

Would you like me to cuckold you with other men? To tell you about it and rub it in your face?

Well, then, woo me, princess. Endear me to you, so that I want to share my adventures. Be happy for the life I live, and enjoy it with me, celebrate my freedom and sexuality.

Would you like me to humiliate you and dig deep into your psyche? To play with your fears and your desires and make you beg and grovel for me?

Well, then, woo me, princess. Show me that your mind is strong, agile, full of fathomless depths, just waiting for me to explore and exploit.

Do you want me to dominate you? To be your lover? To be your guide? To show you the amazing world of kink and all that it has to offer? To open doors for you?

Well, then, woo me, princess.

Woo me, because I don’t do all these nasty, depraved, amazing, fun, sexy things with just anyone.

I do them with people I like, people I love.

I do them with affection and with love. I do them with a smile on my face and joy singing through my heart.

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