Three Truths & A Lie

Three Truths & A Lie

How about a bit of fun today? Instead of getting deep, let’s play a game.

I’ll share three truths and one lie about me. And for fun, I’ll make them kinky.

1️⃣ – I enjoy burning artwork into peoples’ flesh and knowing my mark will be there for weeks, months, even years.
2️⃣ – I love service topping, and was once the go-to-top for the kinky club that I ran.
3️⃣ – I was taught to spank over a series of weekly lessons by a leather daddy on his boy’s bottom.
4️⃣ – I have a stranger fetish, and had sex with a man six separate times in the dark, and have still never seen his face.

Which do you think is the lie? Comment below with 1, 2, 3, or 4!

Try to guess which one is the lie (I’ll post which tomorrow). Also, feel free to ask me questions about any of my statements to help get to the truth. I’ll either give you real facts, or I’ll play along, making up my answers.


And also, please feel free to offer your own three truths and a lie. Let others guess (I’ll try as well).

It’s fun, and I’m thinking we can use a bit of silly frivolity.

Who’s game?

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