It is advisable every day, indeed!

It is advisable every day, indeed!

I can’t argue with that.

I mean, I’m all about sex on the regular and having my needs fulfilled, although I don’t personally feel like Skype is going to QUITE hit the spot for me…

And there are times when a day or two will go by without me feeling it.

Not often.

However, I do applaud this one for saying exactly what they want…

Dating has it’s share of scammers, online and off. There are a variety of species, from the old-fashioned (yet still in style) cons to the newer-fangled catfishers and kittenfishers.

At Dating Kinky, we get plenty.

Of course we do.

And whenever we find them or get a report, we remove them.

But not before we record a few of the best for future reference. And sometimes a fun meme.

The most obvious are those scammers that represent women’s accounts, usually run by non-local men working a system. The absurdity of the language barrier plus the attempts at catching attention is the focus of this series of #DatingScammers

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