What does “No” mean?

What does “No” mean?

It just means, “no.” It’s a negative response to a question or offer.

“Are you available Tuesday evening?”

“Open to a booty call?”

“Do you like radishes?”

I’m not free Tuesday night because I have a dinner for friends planned.

I don’t particularly like booty call relationships—yes, I have tried them in the past.

And radishes are just disgusting.

Ok. But that doesn’t really help. So, maybe let’s talk about what “no” does not mean…

“No” does not mean it’s personal.

“No” does not mean “convince me.”

“No” does not mean “offer me something very similar, but bumped down in intensity by one notch over and over until you find something I will agree to.”

“No” does not mean “ask me why and argue with me about the validity of my decision.”

“No” does not mean “never” or “I don’t like you.”

“No” does not mean “call me names and be shitty to me, so you can find enough adrenaline inside yourself to handle your hurt and anger.”

“No,” is a complete sentence. No need to interpret.

What are your thoughts?

Is “No” a complete sentence?

When is it not a complete sentence?

Where am I wrong?

NOTE: I had a lot more to say on this particular little rant, but felt this piece stood on it’s own just as-is. I did add some of those thoughts to today’s podcast, though, if you’d like to hear them:


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