In kink, one of the things I preach, right up there with communication, is connection beyond the KINK (or the sex).

Connection with other kinky people. Connections in friendship, in support, in sharing ideas and resources. Connections with people you find attractive, and people you find funny or smart or experienced or whatever.

Connection is something I’m personally focusing on more in 2022.

Especially local, in-person connections.

And my partner is connecting right alongside me (although he is WAY better at it than I am, LOL, he’s a natural).

We have planned to have kinky friends over for dinner more often, to make deeper connections than a “Hi, hello,” at a munch or chit-chat at a play party. We’ve found conversation over food helps us create deeper friendships and get to know others better, while also allowing them to get to know us.

Of course, there is more to connection than just dinner.

So, to embody/exemplify connection in 2022, I’m committing to…

✅ Reach out to more people as I find an interest of some sort, and let them know that I would like to connect, to see where that leads.
✅ Be more active locally in both planned events (play parties, munches, sloshes) and off-the-cuff ways (Hey! Anyone want to grab a bite this evening?).
✅ Create a local event specifically designed to connect new people with people already in the scene for fun, partnership, play, and love.
✅ Have a dinner every other week (or more often) with interesting people, to connect with them and connect them to each other.

Since connections do not come naturally to me (I’m nuerodivergent), I’m not wanting connections and hoping for the best. I’m creating more connections with a game plan and some dedicated intentions behind it.

Anyone else want more connection in 2022?

What are your thoughts?

Do you have a word of the year? How are you living out that word with intention?

Do you pursue connections with intention, or just hope they will happen?

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