The OTHER Never-Ending Question

The OTHER Never-Ending Question

I’ve read that m marriage is just two people asking each other where they want to eat until one of them dies.

And that makes me laugh.

So, the other day, when Pet and I were talking about date night, I realized that there is a second never-ending question:

What sex are going to have tonight?

Maybe you don’t have this challenge. Maybe you don’t have sex. I’m not presuming to guess.

But for us, sex is a regular and healthy part of our lives, and sometimes, we’re not sure what sex we’re in the mood for, even when we know we want it.

Not unlike choosing where to eat.

Sure, sometimes we’re inspired.

A delicious recipe calls to be made TONIGHT, so we rush out for ingredients.

A specific passion overtakes us, and we star into each other’s eyes and make passionate love. Or I get out the strap-on, or whatever.

But sometimes, it’s less clear.

And while we are excited to have date night and sexy times planned, we’re not quite sure where it will take us.

And frankly, some of our sex requires a bit of planning and prep, LOL.

For warm, fuzzy, affectionate sex, we can clamber out of whatever pajamas we’re wearing and who to it.

For something a bit more dramatic, there might be cleaning and grooming, and dressing up and putting on heels and makeup and leather and whatever.

And BOTH are wonderful.

And necessary (to us).

And maybe it’s just us. Maybe it’s a flaw in planning to make time for sex between the 12-16 hour days I work and the social life he creates for us. Maybe we should rely on spontaneity.

But it works for us.

We have regular sex, we feel loved and desired, and we’re happy together.

And we still don’t know what sex we’re going to have tonight.

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