The Love of a Cuckold #CuckWeek

The Love of a Cuckold #CuckWeek

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write for #CuckWeek, I couldn’t think of anything more amazing than the love of a cuckold to tell you about.

Ultimately, it’s that love that won me over to this lifestyle.

You see, while many people come to cuckolding through swinging, or through enjoying multiple partners, that’s not me.

(There’s also NOTHING wrong with that or with me, just different paths.)

I came to cuckolding through my partner when I met him nearly 8 1/2 years ago. he was my first double-digits man. He wooed me, showed me more love and adoration than I’d ever experienced before, and told me I could enjoy EVEN MORE, if I wanted.

Say WHAT?!?

I could be worshipped and desired by many, and loved in ways I’ve never been loved before?

And I would not only never risk the stunning love he was offering me, but instead it would grow?

I’ll admit, I was suspicious.

I’d been in two theoretically nonmonogamous relationships prior, spanning 20 of my then 40 years, and both had resulted in accusations, name-calling, and slut shaming (even though I had never actually had other lovers during those relationships). The jealousy and possession was unreal and mind-boggling.

So, I thought “It’s a trap,” and worried that this was just another fantasy that could never actually work in reality.

And frankly, I wasn’t sure I wanted it to work.

After all, I’d had ONE one-night stand in my life to that point, and I was not impressed.

I had fun. I had orgasms. I enjoyed a night with a Brazilian soccer player heading home the next day. I smiled.

But it didn’t DO anything for me.

So, I wasn’t really shopping around for a relationship where I could have more of those. What would be the point?

And that was where the love came in.

Like a super nova.

Where my partner assured me that if I never actually wanted to follow-through, that would be OK. That he would be fine with fantasizing about it together. That he wanted ME. That I was more than he’d ever experienced and that even that fantasy would be more than any other partner had ever given him.

And that love is what won me over.

Not immediately.

It took me time.

After all, the cuckolding information and memes I saw on tumbler (RIP tumbler porn!) were not my style.

I was not super-model hot (still not, and never will be), young (nope), sexually promiscuous (well, that’s changed, LOL!), bitchy, and I did not want to stop having sex with my partner.

Seemed I wasn’t cut out for this lifestyle.

But we fantasized together.

And something began to grow.

And I researched.

And I learned.

And I imagined what it COULD be like.

And I found the “Nookie” in cuckolding.

And so I took that step.

In just under one month, it will have been 8 years ago that I surprise cuckolded my partner for the first time.

And saw his goofy grin the day after. And the love shining from his eyes, filling me up in ways I’ve never been filled before. And the pride. And the glow of an amazing fantasy fulfilled—together.

And that is what did it for me.

Sure, I loved the experience. I planned it carefully, I made it all happen, and I had orgasms and laughter and sexiness and great cock and pleasure…

And after I had even more love.

Deep love.

Lasting love.

And THAT was the piece that was missing for me 23 years before when I had my one-night stand.

I was missing the love.

With my cuckold, I know I will never not be loved. Not for the possession of me. Not for an idea of me. But for ME. For whatever I choose to do, whomever I choose to do it with. I will be deeply adored, celebrated, and pleased in ways that I never imagined before.

And I get to explore that desire and love and pleasure with others, as I choose.

Which is pretty fucking amazing.

A few years back, I made a series of recordings for my partner. I called them ‘My Cuckold Love Story.’

They are not polished. They are not scripted. They are just and expression of us and our love that I shared with him as a gift.

I’m sharing one with you today.

It’s one small way I’ve given back to the most amazing partner I’ve ever had.

And right now, it’s a gift I give to you. The cucks and cuckoldresses out there. The bulls looking to understand more. The cuck wanna-bes wondering what the lifestyle is really like.

This is my reality, and I love it. My life is fucking amazing.

Because I have the love of a cuckold.

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