You don’t have to leave your comfort zone…

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone…

Back in 2018, I wrote “For A Happy And Healthy D/s Relationship, Embrace Discomfort,” and I meant it. Still do think it’s good advice.

However, not every growth step is a challenge to conquer, and many people don’t respond well to that form of motivation, so today, I’m bringing you a different view:

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone. Just expand your comfort zone to include more of what you want and need.

Comfort, after all, comes at a steep price.

👉🏻 Comfort foods can make us gain weight.
👉🏻 Comfortable couches make us lazy.
👉🏻 Comfortable beliefs end searching for answers.

Comfort limits our creative energy, stagnates growth, and reduces our options and desires.

So, what if we look at comfort another way? Think of your comfort zone as your home base. Your desired default. It’s less stress, anxiety and upset. It does not tax your mental and physical health.

It is where you return when you are done with your searching, maybe with something new to add to your zone, or a change in decor, or with fresh eyes about the space and what is possible.

So, rather than embracing discomfort, which can sound pretty scary to some, why not frame it as exploring new options, searching our new ideas, trying new things, and finding ways to expand your comfort zone so that it not only is a comfortable, safe place to be, but that it also serves the YOU you are now and the you you want to be in the future?

That might feel better to some than the other suggestion of embracing discomfort.

What are your thoughts?

Would you rather embrace discomfort or expand your comfort zone?

If you have done either in the past, what steps did you take that worked for you, and had positive results?

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