When You Limit Your Vulnerability, You Limit Your Love

When You Limit Your Vulnerability, You Limit Your Love

Limit Vulnerability, Limit Love

Sure, people can love you.

For what they know of you. For what they see. For what you allow them to see and to know.

But if you do not allow them to see your flaws, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, they cannot love you for them as well.

Those hidden things don’t exist in their world of YOU.

And that hurts everyone.

But it hurts you most.

Because you will constantly feel like you are loved ONLY when you are good. ONLY when you are strong. ONLY when you live up to the image you have projected of yourself, instead of being yourself.

And that’s a valid choice.

Especially if you are healing yourself from a broken heart, broken promises, or broken trust.

Just understand the choice you are making, so you can make another when it’s the right time for you.

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