Androgyny, Me? NOPE.

Androgyny, Me? NOPE.

I’ve been seeing these things. A friend’s test inspired me to take mine.

I don’t feel Androgynous. I am feminine. I may have “traditionally” masculine traits, but what does that even effing mean? Because I am direct, I must be less feminine?

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I don’t think so. What if all of those things that make up “masculine” traits in me, just add to and enhance my ability to be more comfortably in my feminine, since I am, by birth female and by choice a woman?

To be clear, I am not AT ALL disparaging those who feel more androgynous as a result of your admixture.

But what about those who are “undifferentiated?” Are they just LESS of everything? A black, white, and shades of grey person in a world full of color, as the image suggests?

YES, this is just a stupid FB test.

YES, I’ve long known that such tests put me closer to the “masculine” range of thinking (every one I’ve ever done, in fact—most place me squarely IN the masculine, guessing I’m a dude).

And for a long time, I believed that because I was the way I was, I must be less feminine by default.

But to me, this is the “continuum theory” updated imperfectly.

If you have more masculine than feminine, you must be less feminine.

Which I think is bullshit.

You can just have and be MORE OF BOTH, and still be exactly you, whatever that is.

I am not androgynous. I don’t identify as androgynous. I don’t feel androgynous.

I don’t believe that a single one of you who knows me would ever assign that to me. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with androgyny, either. It’s just very much in the “not me” category of labels.

And I believe that silly tests like this are potentially dangerous for some. Telling people how they MUST feel MUST identify simply because of how they think or what they like.


What a load of BS.

Except, of course, when it isn’t.

I would guess that SOME of you took this quiz and said, “Hey, that me!” and maybe you knew that. Some may have actually been inspired to think more deeply, and recognize something about yourself.

But this is flawed.

And for me, it missed the mark by a mile.

What has been your experience with this test? Willing to share?

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