MOST things are figureoutable.

MOST things are figureoutable.

👉🏻 Sometimes, it just takes a shift in perspective.
👉🏻 Things often seem impossible until they’re done.
👉🏻 Replace “can’t” with “How?”

When you have a something in front of you, and you’re not sure where to start, it’s SO 👏🏻 EASY 👏🏻 to get stuck. To let the overwhelm of realizing how much you don’t know prevent you from moving forward.

I’ve been there.

Heck, I get there several times a week, LOL!

I usually break out pretty quickly, though. Because I’ve learned to look for the first step.

Not the first RIGHT step. That can take too much time to figure out. Just the first step. Because even if it’s wrong, I can usually do that first step, look it over, and figure out it’s wrong while learning more about what’s right, AND move on to a new step faster than I could overcome all of my doubts and fears that the step I’m taking is the absolute RIGHT one.

Because I’m a recovering perfectionistic procrastinator.

Maybe you relate:

Maybe you’ve always been really good at things, and you HATE feeling bad at things. So you avoid the things that you might be bad at. And the things you might not be as good at. And the things you are not sure you’re going tone good at. And maybe also some of the things that don’t make you feel like you re as good as you want to be…


Just me?

Probably. I’m OK with this. LOL!

But I usually find that if I just take a step, any step, that I am better than I thought, or if I’m crappy at it, being crappy is not nearly as bad as not getting it done, and I learn more so I’m less crappy the next time.

And it’s not nearly so bad as my brain made it out to be.

Or, if it is, at least it’s done quicker, instead of hanging around torturing me for the next week and a half or three months, or two years (depending on the project and the deadline, LOL!), and I can feel good about getting it done and over with, and move on to something else.

In other words, just because I don’t always know exactly what I’m doing (and I OFTEN don’t know what I’m doing), doesn’t mean I’m not capable of figuring it out or getting it done, or failing and learning from whatever.

Whether that means asking for help or working through it on my own, taking that first step is the key.

And like in a run, taking that first step is always the hardest for me—just taking the step to make it happen. But when I do…

There we are. The impossible thing is done. Complete. Finito. It was figureoutable after all.

Most of the time, anyway.

What are your thoughts?

Have you worked on something lately that felt nail-bitingly difficult at first? Did you put it off for hours (or days or weeks first)?

How did you break it down and figure it out? What was your first step?

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