A beautiful thing is rarely perfect.

A beautiful thing is rarely perfect.

This ‘inspirational graphic’ originally said, “A beautiful thing is never perfect.”

And, as I do with many of these proclamations, I immediately started contradicting it in my mind.

“It depends on how you define perfection, doesn’t it?”

“Nothing is PERFECT, so that would include unbeautiful things, too, yeah?”

“Why do these things have to push the all or nothing narrative so often?”

Some beautiful things are perfect. Or as close to perfect as not to make a measurable difference.

And that’s wonderful.

Many beautiful things, though, are far from perfect.

And they are still beautiful. In fact, in some cases, to certain people, they might seem even MORE beautiful. Because of their flaws and imperfections.

Like I wrote about a few days ago, When I posted the quote, “Love isn’t finding a perfect person. Love is finding an imperfect person, perfectly.”

Did you know that according to OkCupid’s data, that those with “imperfections,” or features that might not be considered traditionally beautiful get more positive connections than those who might fit all of the standards for beauty from a “perfection” standpoint?

Interesting, really.

I think it’s because when we love others, we love their flaws as much as we love their perfections. And we want them to love us in the same way. It’s a sort of healthy codependency and quirk of the mind.

And then, once we’ve fallen in love with them, flaws and all, a beautiful thing is absolutely perfect—for us.

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