I don’t have trust issues.

I don’t have trust issues.

Really. I don’t.

In fact, I tend to trust people far more easily than most.

But someone recently told me that I have trust issues.

Luckily, I also don’t have self-esteem issues, or that manipulative bullshit might have worked.

But they were not only wrong, they were someone who hadn’t actually spent enough time in my life to be worth explaining to, so I simply said, “Thanks so much for the time we’ve spent. We’re not a good fit, and I wish you all the best.”

You see, I don’t have trust issues.

I have I’ve-seen-this-pattern-of-bullshit-behavior-before-and-I-recognize-it-as-being-either-toxic-or-incompatible-with-how-i-live-my-life radar.

And I trust that.

And when I trust that, 99.9% of the time, the response to my setting boundaries tells me everything I need to know and reinforces my decision.

And that .1% of the time when they surprise me with their response?

Well, I’m thrilled to continue the conversation. Because I trust humans who can both make mistakes (since I do A LOT and I love people who understand that) AND bounce back from them.

Because to me, trust is not about people being perfect.

It’s about people who make mistakes being willing to grow and be better, for both themselves and for me.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have trust issues (it’s OK if you do!)?

Do you have I’ve-seen-this-pattern-of-bullshit-behavior-before-and-I-recognize-it-as-being-either-toxic-or-incompatible-with-how-i-live-my-life radar?

Do you have both?

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