A Funny Story About My Freckles…

A Funny Story About My Freckles…

A Funny Story About My Freckles...

I posted this photo last April on FetLife.

And got a comment last evening:

Ah has anyone else noticed how gorgeous your freckles are?

So, a funny story about that.

A couple years back, I went on a first date with an older artist type. We met at the museum, and walked around, discussing art and philosophy and deep things.

He was a bit over the top in the expansive wooing department, though. He extolled my virtues, like a modern day Cyrano, only of course, demonstrably there, using his own words and stuff.

And it was fun and amusing, and the tiniest bit uncomfortable, because, well, that was a lot of wooing for a first date.

And then, he started in on my freckles. He waxed poetic for a few moments, then dropped the mother of all bombs:

“You deserve someone who will count your freckles one-by-one.”

To which I blurted the oh-so-suave reply, “Oh! Wouldn’t that be tedious? Over my whole body? There are so many. Would it be all in one sitting? That would take forever. Or how would you mark where you left off? Like with a crayola pen? Or a sharpie, because that would stay better?”

Yep. Smooth is me. smiles

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