I Love Dick

I Love Dick

Yesterday, I wrote Dick Is Cheap, and while most people “got it,” some were obviously upset.

More were upset in my inbox than usual. A pretty rare thing.

I make no secret about how I feel about, well, anything. LOL! With nearly 900 posts, I’m not exactly playing it close to the chest.

And no matter how many times I say I love men and dominant men and blow jobs and so on, people are absolutely sure that as a dominant woman, I must hate dicks and the humans attached to them.

Not much could be further from the truth.

I love dick.

I love the people attached to dicks.

Well, I love the idea of people attached to dicks. Sometimes, they just get in the way of loving the D.

And one of the messages I got yesterday was from someone who found my writings, recognized a fellow dick-lover, and proceeded to ask me a few questions. I felt like it would be fun to answer them in a writing, and so here it is…

What do you genuinely think about the penis?

To be honest, they make me laugh and I love them so.

I mean, really. They are silly and floppy and sexy and hard and tall and strong and small and fun and…

Dicks are not just one thing to me. Just as men are not just their dicks or single-faceted.

How fun and satisfying is it to suck on a cock?

10/10, would suck again.

And IF you had to pick–what would you say is your all-time favorite spot on a hard dick to suck and savor with your lips and tongue..and why? What makes that spot so special and/or mouth-watering??


The frenulum, probably.

Not only is it easy to reach, it’s sensitive, has a different texture than the rest of the dick, and can give so much pleasure.

But it really only wins that spot above all others by a fraction of a percentage point, as every dick is different, and I love so many things about them.

Some women (like myself) also enjoy sucking dick in a casual, low-pressure setting, where we can go at our own luxurious pace.. It calms us down..and is almost therapeutic, in a sense…? Would you ever enjoy sucking on a dick, while, let’s say–watching TV out on the couch, at the same time?


Speaking of which, have you EVER done something similar (wherein the two of you relax, but you have his warm dick in your mouth the whole time, exploring his penis at your pace)?

Oh yes. In fact, B, written about in A Tale of Two Cocks had such a very large penis that it was a challenge to get it all in me mouth.

One thing he LOVED was the “soft BJ,” in which his dick was small enough and soft enough to fit in my mouth easily, and my tongue could reach all of him, wrap around him and stroke him.

It never lasted long with him. He could get hard when the wind blew.


I often like to suck my Pet for me.

Sure, he enjoys it. Loves it, even.

But it’s for me when I do it. Because it’s enjoyable. It feels good to me. It’s loving and calming and, well, his bon bon is mine to do with as I please, and sometimes (often) I please to put it in my mouth.

On my terms.

For my fun.

I’ve even fallen asleep like that. I don’t recommend it. Many people (including me) have a tendency to clench their jaw off and on during sleep/dreams.



And I’d prefer to NOT harm or damage what I own and love.

YOUR thoughts and questions:

Feel free to answer these questions yourself in the comments, if you love dick. Let’s show our solidarity (and our differences) in how we love the peen.

In this one thread, I’ll also take questions about dick and my thoughts about it, and answer them. Maybe not all of them. People are able to turn most anything to slime. But I’ll certainly entertain all of them, and answer most of them.


Let’s have some Saturday fun with cock talk!

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