Pick Thy Photos With Care

Pick Thy Photos With Care

I mean, yeah, when you’re dating online, you totally want to LOOK appealing—at least to your target market.

And you want to maintain the proper allure and whatever states of kink/undress you feel comfortable with and what is allowed on the site you’re using.

But the BIG deal is that I’m guessing most of you also want to protect your privacy.

Here are a few get-started tips:

— Get creative!
— Take good pictures.
— Include LOTS of color or make them B&W.
— Use interesting filters.
— Show off parts of you that you’re proud of.
— Reveal your unique bits.
— Show off your kink and interests.
— Be sexy.
— Have fun.
— Present the ‘you’ you love to others.

Note: These 8 Commandments are as true for vanilla (or non-kink) dating profiles as they are for kink, so share them with (tag) ANYONE you think might want to strengthen their dating game. smiles

Dating Kinky is hosting a 4-week profile makeover event online for a select group of people of different roles, genders, sexual orientations, races, and abilities.

I, our brilliant coaches, and your partner (you’ll be paired up with someone new each week) will work with you every step to get you the BEST DAMN dating profile you have ever had!

And we’ll share your progress with the dating world, so others can meet you, learn about your challenges and follow along as you create your profile.


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