The Many Faces of Kink, EP1 (Interview with HiThereCatsuit)

The Many Faces of Kink, EP1 (Interview with HiThereCatsuit)

Are you kinky? Or are you vanilla? In this series, we will explore what appears to be a black and white distinction by looking at the question from a variety of perspectives, including breaking down the academic speak of psychology, politics and philosophy. How do people define themselves sexually? How do we create connections with like-minded people?

If we conceptualise ourselves as “kinky”, what opportunities and challenges does this present in our lives as a whole? Including insights from guests in each episode, this will be thought-provoking, informative and a whole lot of fun.

Augusts topic: Are You Kinky?

In this first episode, our host, REM Sequence, will begin unpeeling this onion by looking at what exactly defines a person as kinky or not, from their own perspective and from the outside. She will start with a presentation, then jump into a pre-recorded interview of the guest, HiThereCatsuit. The show will conclude with Q&A and open discussion between REM & Nookie.

Every FOURTH Friday. This episode will air on August 28th. Note: our wonderful host, REM Sequence, is located in Australia, so these episodes will kick off at 8:30AM EST.

Guest Bio:

@HiThereCatsuit – it’s what people say when they see me, because of my choice of apparel at play parties. Now, Catsuit is what most of my friends call me. I have been an accomplished member of the media for more years than I can count. I have been part of the scene on and off for the last 9 years or so, but a regular player for only the last 8 months here in Cleveland.

My “superpower” is bringing people together, both in real life and online. As a gentleman in the scene (we do exist!) my passion for people, empathy and kindness, has launched a community here in Cleveland called #theoneswechoose, made up entirely of friends who share my passions of doing what is right and being kind to each other. The group has expanded into other cities. From that success, I am launching kinkLAND TV – a discord channel for all of NE Ohio. And when it comes to the power of women, and the joy of knowing them, I have been a long time advocate of women’s issues especially in the sports world having worked in women’s sports for a significant part of my career.

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