The Many Faces of Kink, EP1 (Interview with HiThereCatsuit)

The Many Faces of Kink, EP1 (Interview with HiThereCatsuit)

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Are you kinky? Or are you vanilla? In this series, we will explore what appears to be a black and white distinction by looking at the question from a variety of perspectives, including breaking down the academic speak of psychology, politics and philosophy. How do people define themselves sexually? How do we create connections with like-minded people?

If we conceptualise ourselves as “kinky”, what opportunities and challenges does this present in our lives as a whole? Including insights from guests in each episode, this will be thought-provoking, informative and a whole lot of fun.

Augusts topic: Are You Kinky?

In this first episode, our host, REM Sequence, will begin unpeeling this onion by looking at what exactly defines a person as kinky or not, from their own perspective and from the outside. She will start with a presentation, then jump into a pre-recorded interview of the guest, HiThereCatsuit. The show will conclude with Q&A and open discussion between REM & Nookie.

Every FOURTH Friday. This episode will air on August 28th. Note: our wonderful host, REM Sequence, is located in Australia, so these episodes will kick off at 8:30AM EST.

Guest Bio:

@HiThereCatsuit – it’s what people say when they see me, because of my choice of apparel at play parties. Now, Catsuit is what most of my friends call me. I have been an accomplished member of the media for more years than I can count. I have been part of the scene on and off for the last 9 years or so, but a regular player for only the last 8 months here in Cleveland.

My “superpower” is bringing people together, both in real life and online. As a gentleman in the scene (we do exist!) my passion for people, empathy and kindness, has launched a community here in Cleveland called #theoneswechoose, made up entirely of friends who share my passions of doing what is right and being kind to each other. The group has expanded into other cities. From that success, I am launching kinkLAND TV – a discord channel for all of NE Ohio. And when it comes to the power of women, and the joy of knowing them, I have been a long time advocate of women’s issues especially in the sports world having worked in women’s sports for a significant part of my career.

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