The virgin sacrifice…

The virgin sacrifice…

Look familiar? If you’ve not received messages like this, I’m betting your friends have.

While I did shorten this conversation a bit (I took out the part where he whined incessantly about how he was putting himself out there, and how mean I was, after the “whatever hoe” bit, it starts EXACTLY as he started it.

That was the first content ever from this guy.

No introduction.

No “Hi, I noticed that you enjoy.”

Just a virtual presentation of spread butt cheeks for me to fill.

And for those who might be thinking, “well, you’re kinky, right?”

Yes, I am.

And I’m kinky with people I know and love.

So, for example, let’s say this guy did the same thing for you. Maybe you’d like that. Maybe you wouldn’t.

But you’re kinky, right?

But not with him?

Or with that other person who repulses you? Or perhaps it’s an offer to stuff your butt that comes in as a first message, along with sordid details about how they will fill you up and make you…

Well, I’m thinking you get the picture.

And EVEN if that might be something you would enjoy, it’s not a good first message.

I think I was actually pretty kind.

I mean, I could have ignored him, sure. Maybe that would have been nicer in the short term.

I do like to give people the chance to learn and grow.

And once in a while, someone like this comes back after a year or two to let me know they DID learn and grow.

And that’s enough for me.

In the meantime, though, I’ll use this as an example for others, so you can learn and grow (I’m guessing you already know this, LOL!) without having to make that mistake, and I’m filing it under:

This is why you’re single.

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