YES. It’s a powerful word.

YES. It’s a powerful word.

I’ve been writing a lot about boundaries lately. In fact, I’m going to finish my series on the six types of boundaries tomorrow.

And when it comes to boundaries, most of the talk centers around what you say “No” to in your life. And don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing!

Especially if the word YES flies out of your mouth almost automatically, even when you don’t actually mean it.

But I also don’t generally like to dwell on the negative in my life.

So, today, I’d like to share what I love say YES to.

✅ YES to working on my goal of learning to rock climb in 2022.
✅ YES to creating new connections.
✅ YES to putting time aside to actively rest.
✅ YES to new kinky and sexual experiences with others.
✅ YES to collaborations that excite me.
✅ YES to life. (I’ve been actively saying “YES!” to life for years, I even wrote about it in 2014:

The key for me is to realize that every YES requires me to say NO to other things.

❌ NO to many opportunities to socialize.
❌ NO to filling up my time with activities.
❌ NO to partners that don’t rev my engines and make my life better.
❌ NO to trying to make every meal a culinary masterpiece (maybe just two a week? I do LOVE to cook!).
❌ NO to collaboration offers that leave me feeling flat, no matter how much I might like the person.
❌ NO to more time on my phone, fucking around.

And so on.

I can’t do it all.

Or, as the saying goes, I can have anything I want, but I can’t have everything I want. And my YESes should (and usually do) reflect what I want most. My priorities. What I love.

Which means some things I only like might not get done, or some things I love might get done less often.

But it’s worth it. Because every YES on my list right now feels like a HELL YES! Every single one is inspiring.

What are your thoughts?

What are you saying YES to lately? What do you plan to say YES to as we move into a new year?

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