Certification in the WON TWOO WAY™?

Certification in the WON TWOO WAY™?

Would you take a program to be certified in domination? Or submission? Or slavery? Or being a little or a furry, or whatever?

What the actual fuck would that do?


What good could come of that?

I’m genuinely curious.

Because to me, this sounds like a way to make money off people who don’t know any better, and to promote a WON TWOO WAY.

I mean, I get the idea in being certified in specific things, like whipping. That is a skill that can be broken down into component parts and you either know how to whip with accuracy and understand the potential risks or you don’t.

(And the certification course of which I speak also includes physical skills, but it’s taught online…)

And, let me be clear, I do believe in teaching people more about domination and submission and all the things. I do.

Hell, I run free classes online for these things every month, sometimes more.


How would anyone be certified as an [INSERT KINK ROLE HERE]?

  • Answer a written test?
  • Pass a skills test?
  • Live as an [INSERT KINK ROLE HERE] for X amount of time without any bad reviews?

Weill we end up with a BKB (Better Kink Bureau)?

And what could certification mean? And how could it be used in the real world?

Could you trust ANYONE who took a correspondence course in [INSERT KINK ROLE HERE]? Do you think they could put it on their profile to assure people new to the scene that they are safe, ethical, and really know what they are doing?

What are your thoughts?

What are the positives (if any) of certifying someone in a specific kink role through a course?

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