You’re lucky to have me! (No, really! InterwebzStranger48792 said so!)

You’re lucky to have me! (No, really! InterwebzStranger48792 said so!)

It’s a game I play with my partner.

It’s silly and fun, and we often get a laugh out of it.

Whenever some stranger online tells me that my partner is lucky to have me, I tell him.

Sometimes, I’ll look at him on the other side of the couch and say:

“Sweetie, Interwebz Stranger #48,792 says you’re lucky to have me.”

Other times, he’s upstairs, and I shout:

“Some guy named wlLCK4free says that you’re incredibly lucky to be allowed to taste my essence.”

While he’s at work, he’ll get text messages:

“Babe, TummyLVR says that you are the most honored man on earth to be allowed to use my belly as your pillow. Oh, and I love you. 😜”

Once, I woke him up before work to tell him:

Some guy online said he sincerely hopes that you appreciate how fortunate you are to wake up to such an amazing woman!”

(My partner is NOT a morning person. I am, LOL!)

When I’m having these conversations, they often go like this:

“He’s lucky to have you.”
“That what I tell him! smiles
“He doesn’t KNOW?!?!?” (Aghast)

Of course he knows! I tell him! That’s what I just said. 🤦🏻‍♀️

All kidding aside, this is a fun game.

And when I share these things with my partner he always agrees (well, the morning one took an hour or so for him to wake up and forgive me).

Do you have any silly rituals like this with your partner or loved ones?

Or have you in the past?

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