If you don’t ❤️ who you’re doing, stop doing them.

If you don’t ❤️ who you’re doing, stop doing them.

LOL! Seriously. Stop doing people you don’t love doing.

And I’m not slut-shaming.

I don’t mean that you have to be in love to have sex. I mean, if you’re not loving the experience with someone, stop having that experience. Or change the experience. Or something.

But don’t keep doing it out of obligation.

You deserve better than that.

Even if you’re a pretty shitty person, you don’t need to be a shitty person AND having bad obligatory sex with someone else.

Honestly, maybe that’s contributing to your overall shiftiness or lack of growth and progress towards becoming non-shitty.

This doesn’t just apply to sex.

It also applies to friendship.


Any adult people you have in your life and many non-adults (just not the ones you are still legally required to care for).

If something is miserable and does not bring you joy, find something else.

It may not be easy.

Change is usually the scariest part.

Once you get past the hump, tear off the bandaid, and start working towards things that bring you joy, well, it’s worth it.

Love who and what you do.
Do who you love doing it with.

If you don’t, change it.

What are your thoughts?

Is there anything is your life right now that you once loved, and now feel obligated towards?

How can you change that for the better, to honor yourself and the other (if they deserve that honor from you)?

Or, have you made this change for yourself? How are you feeling about it?

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