Understand Me Now

Understand Me Now

Understand Me—Now! (And that’s an order.)

April 2020Click here for a 50-page sample or login to access your PLUS Member content.

  • Gain confidence to open up to your partner/potential love interest
  • Discover the differences between various personal communication styles (e.g., high context versus low context, ask culture versus guess culture) and how to adjust accordingly
  • Learn specific dialogue building blocks and how to utilize them (e.g., closed questions vs. open questions)
  • Strengthen your powers of observation and intuition to help interpret cues from your significant other
  • Learn how to discuss your personal limits with your partner
  • Better understand how arguments/conflicts in a relationship come about and how best to address them
  • Familiarize yourself with the 5 love languages in communication

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you weren’t able to effectively communicate your needs to your partner? Are you interested in broadening your knowledge in negotiation, consent, and limits? If you answered “Yes!” to either of these, we have the book for you!

Understand Me—Now! And That’s An Order! is designed for anyone who is looking for methods to improve their communication skills and apply the knowledge gained to their relationships. While the book will include a lens highlighting kink-friendly relationships in particular, it covers communication for any relationship, friendship, even for your casual flings—and how to make the most of them.

Nookie Notes is a lifestyle Dominant who enjoys discussing, researching, practicing, and writing about love, sex, romance, and kink. She has been featured in Kink Weekly, Darkside Magazine, Bustle, the ProudToBeKinky Podcast, and more.

She travels all around the country and internationally teaching and keeps herself busy building and growing her site


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