It’s brave the 1,732nd time, too.

It’s brave the 1,732nd time, too.

Someone set and maintained a boundary.

It’s breaking her heart.

It’s be hardest boundary she’s ever set. Maybe the first REAL contrary boundary she’s set in over a decade of marriage.

It’s incredibly brave.

And if you are contemplating something like this, finally setting your boundaries and making the tough decisions, you’re brave, too.

And if you’re like me, and you’re kind of old hat at this, and you’re scarred like a grizzled cougar (LOL!), embattled and still proud, and you’re about to set a boundary for the 1,732nd time, you are also brave.

Setting and/or enforcing a boundary is BRAVE EVERY TIME.


There is always risk.

And you may have faced that risk before in one form or another, but eachh person, each situation, every time, it’s slightly different and has the chance to go bust.

I see you.

I see your courage.
I see your pride.
You are brave.

Stand up!

Share a time when you set a boundary, and it was terrifying, but you did it anyway. A time when you were brave.


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