Terrible, horrible, wonderful things…

Terrible, horrible, wonderful things…

Walking the edge. It’s a part of kink that many people crave.

The part of their darkness that they are afraid and sometimes ashamed of and simultaneously deeply needy for. The part of themselves that they have tried to deny.

And it sometimes walks the edge of desire and of consent.

You want it, and you don’t, all in the same moment.

Which will win out?

Sometimes you have no idea.

A post like this can, after all, be taken in a wonderful, shivery, amazing way, or it can be interpreted as predatory and gross.

You know the line, I know the line. Many people in kink know the line well, but someone looking in front he outside may not.

Perhaps you know this feeling.

As the top, or the person making this statement.

As the bottom, or the person feeling this statement.

Or maybe as both.

The razor’s edge slices neatly between knowing you can stop at anytime with a simple safeword, and knowing that you want it so badly that you will override your fear and give enthusiastic consent, instead.

And the whole time, you’ll revel in the perfect blending of desire and fear.

Not fear of the person bringing this out in you.

But fear of your own desires to be shaped into something and someone else that you’ve always hidden away, been afraid of, denied, and hoped maybe, just maybe it would fade away.

I see you.

I validate this feeling inside you.

And I celebrate your honesty in admitting that to yourself with you.

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