Do You Say “I Love You,” Or Do You Live It?

Do You Say “I Love You,” Or Do You Live It?

Actions speak louder than words, right?

Do you live your priorities? Do you show your love to your partner(s)? Do you live your love every moment, with every word, and every action?

Or do you throw in a hurried “I love you” at the end of a routine phone call before turning your attention fully away to something else far more important?

  • Do you make your partner(s) a priority in your life and free time?
  • Do you learn their love languages (only one of five is related to speaking) and use them?
  • Do you care as much about how you look for your partner(s) as you do for total strangers? Or more?
  • Do you put your partner’s thoughts and opinions ahead of those of people on TV, or casual acquaintances?
  • Do you smile at your partner everyday, or do you grump around the house and save those smiles for the outside world?
  • Do you do everything you can to lighten your partner’s life load, or do you take your own stresses out on them?
  • Do you still say “please” and “thank you” to your loved ones, even after years?
  • Do you dress up for your partner (put on makeup, shave, or whatever extra effort that you did when you were courting)?

Why do we (as a collective) seem to think we can treat the people we claim to love (prioritize, marry, have children with) with less everyday respect and consideration than we do people we’ve never met before?

Is saying “I love you” supposed to make up for that, somehow?

Why do we often put so much more effort into people we date than into people we choose to spend our lives with? Shouldn’t we get MORE exciting (and excited) and dateable as time goes by? Shouldn’t we plan bigger and better things, try new experiences, and go over-the-top with the people we’ve invested our love in?

Is your love a habitual thing made of quickly murmured phrases of affection in the middle of a rushed life, or is it a deeply critical part of your everyday life and actions?

Do you say “I love you,” or do you live it?

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