For Every Woman Having Sex With A Man, There Is A Man Having Sex With A Woman

For Every Woman Having Sex With A Man, There Is A Man Having Sex With A Woman

Men Only Want Sex

Therefore, “Women don’t have sex as much as men” is illogical. As is the idea that women don’t like sex as much as men.

I read on a debate I posted that the same 10% of men get all the women’s interest.

This sounds suspiciously like labeling certain men “Chads,” and saying women owe sex to men, but I digress…

I know that I have not exclusively dated super-hot, traditionally sexy or handsome men.

And I’ve dated a lot. And had sex with some of them.

Not many of them would be picked out as a “Chad” by another guy who saw them without female company. And yet, they were very well-liked, many had their pick of women, and were just amazing, and great fun to be around.

And they have no need to chase sex.

Women offer it to them.

Mostly because they don’t chase it.

And also because they didn’t deny their interest in it.

Nor, did they deny that the women might be interested in them, or ever suggest that they would be (or anyone would be) sluts for enjoying sex.

Reading that sort of makes it clear to me.

So, maybe it’s that women don’t have sex with men who make them feel gross for having sex with them.

Or who might potentially feel like an “I will regret this decision” fuck.

Yeah. That feels about right.

Because women are having sex.

If it’s not with you, and you’re one who subscribes to the idea that women don’t like sex or don’t have it as often as men do (with women), perhaps it’s time to reconsider, and take a hard look at whether you’re the problem.

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