Wednesday Writing Prompt: Age Differences

Wednesday Writing Prompt: Age Differences

Last week’s Wednesday Writing Prompt was about age differences and it really made me look through my life and think about the relationships and connections I’ve made and the differences in ages in many of them.

And this morning, as I was reading through some comments on another writing, someone was complaining that women only want younger, hard body men, which I absolutely did not relate to.

So far in life I’ve been in a relationship, (well, more of a sexual mentoring and play situation) with someone 25 years my senior that lasted maybe two months, and I enjoyed a few weeks with someone who was 15 years my junior.

Nothing longer.

So, I’m no expert, and I’m speaking only to my own experience and research.

There are some who claim that an age difference of 10 years or more (especially with someone below, say 35) is inherently wrong, because of a perceived power imbalance.

I do feel like it’s worth scrutinizing for signs of abuse.

I do not feel that it can be assumed that it MUST be there.

I certainly was neither abused, nor did I abuse in my encounters. It was about fun and connection, no more. I’ve certainly been left with more hurt from my longer term relationships with partners near my own age.

Because, to be fair, I didn’t really connect with the much older or much younger partners.

Maybe the age difference made me standoffish a bit. Or they were just not right for me or whatever.

But there you have it.

So far, my best connections and long-term have been with people who are my age (2 in my tribe my age) and older by up to 10 years (6 and ten years in my tribe).

I’ve always been attracted to boys and men just a BIT older than me. Junior to my freshman, senior to my sophomore, 24 to my 19, 46 to my 40…

And that seems to be what works for me.

When I was younger, I really loved the youthful look. Full of surpassed energy, and rippling abs.

I still enjoy looking at them, but even that not as much as I prefer my partner’s mature figure (still in great shape), or even actors like Tim Roth, Jeff Goldblum, or even Ricky Martin, who has aged like a fine cheese.

(Gawddamn, I say. Gawddamn!)

But I generally still gravitate towards those within my age group.

Now, that said, I don’t discount those older or younger than me. I simply don’t hold much hope for a deep connection.

But I’m open to it, should it ever happen.

What are YOUR thoughts on age differences?

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