Love, Serve, Give

Love, Serve, Give

As a kinky dating site, I feel like many people are immediately going to think of submission.

I mean, I did when I first created this years ago for another project.

Over that time, though, I’ve come to realize it’s actually a core value for me, as a dominant. And thinking about the people I choose to spend time with in my life, I realize it’s also a core value for them as well, regardless of how they identify in or out of the lifestyle.

LOVE: Love those around you fiercely and show it.

SERVE: Be in service to those you love and your own passions and happiness.

GIVE: Give to others. Those you don’t know well. Give what you can, even if it’s just a smile, some time to help, or a compliment to brighten someone’s day. Be the change.

And in the current season of giving, during this time of national and worldwide unrest and doubt, I think these standards are even more important to hold close and live by.

I do my best to live by them and build my business on their foundation.

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