Learn To Love Anal: Introduction To Anal Vibrations, Lesson 5

Learn To Love Anal: Introduction To Anal Vibrations, Lesson 5


This lesson is just the beginning. You’re going to start of soft and slow, learning to touch yourself or your partner to gain their trust and activate their anal pleasure.

The steps are simple:

  • Lube your vibrator. Keep it lubed, to avoid drag.
  • Play with your sphincter and your taint.
  • Tease and stroke softly around the outside of the anus, along the external sphincter.
  • Play with the vibe on your taint, feeling how that is a different sensation from your anus.
  • Focus on playing externally with the vibe, but allow it to slip in if the anus opens up, to the second sphincter.
  • Slide the vibe around the edge of the sphincter, awakening the nerve endings there.
  • Play with different settings, if you’d like, and vary the pressure.
  • Enjoy!
  • Stroke the outside of the anus with your vibe on a low setting, then turn it off and do the same in farewell.
  • Take a moment to breathe deeply and remain relaxed as the pleasure fades away.

A Few Notes:

If you’ve done all the lessons so far, you probably want that vibe up your butt in the worst way.

That’s a good sign.

I’m not gonna tell you not to do that. Of course not. I’m not your Mom.

However, if you take each lesson as it’s written, it will help you build butt-centered pleasure for the long term.

ALSO: Some people have wider/longer taints, some have very little space there at all. In all cases (and all genders), this is a sensitive spot.

For those who have vaginas, please do take care and do not cross-contaminate your labia/vagina with something that has touched or been inside your anus. I won’t tell you not to—you get to make that decision. However, it’s very risky, and can lead to really nasty infections (try looking up Bartholin’s Gland infection or swelling as just one possibility), so I suggest you do your research and know the risks before play.

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