Learn To Love Anal: Introduction To Anal Vibrations, Lesson 5

Learn To Love Anal: Introduction To Anal Vibrations, Lesson 5

Instructional Transcript—Single

Welcome to the Single Instructional experience for Learn To Love Anal: Introduction To Anal Vibrations, Lesson 5.

This instructional experience was created for those training themselves in anal pleasure on their own, and is intended to teach you how to touch yourself.

Let’s get started!

Get your vibe well-coated with lube. Keep it wet and slippery. Add lube at any time throughout this instructional, pausing the audio, if you feel the need.

Slide it along the outside of your anus, gently touching. Just sliding it back and forth.



Feel that light brush of your vibe against those ever-so-sensitive nerve endings.

So different from a finger. Cool and smooth. Harder. Less yielding.

Slide it back and forth, tickling that sweet rosebud of yours while you relax and feel the pleasure.

Keep it soft.

Keep it light.

Gently tease yourself, smoothly caressing every bit of your tender asshole.

When you are ready, turn the vibe onto the lowest setting. A light vibration.

Notice how it feels so different against your ass, now. Playing with your anus, and also sliding it along your taint.

Give into the feelings you are creating. Relax into your play. Feel your body move with the vibe.

Feel the warmth of your pleasure growing.

Your anus is warming up now. Relaxing. Opening to the vibe.

Those pulsations going through your body feel so good. You never want it to stop.

And yet, you do.

You want more. You’re ready to turn up the vibrations a bit, to experience that feeling even stronger.

Ahhh. That’s it.

Your vibrator is humming along quite nicely now. Sending pleasure waves of liquid gold out through your body. Spreading from your sweet asshole outwards. Feel it growing. Feel it spreading.

Spreading out through your abdomen.

Out through your tailbone.

Upwards to your genitals.

A warmth. Like golden honey. A sparkly, golden, light feeling that covers you.

All from vibrations pulsing through you.






Relax even more.

You are opening yourself up to the greatest pleasure your anus can provide, more and more with each lesson.

You are falling deep into pleasure. Into desire. Into need.

Focus every thought on these amazing, powerful, sensual feelings rolling through you.

Feel them still filling you. Up through your belly into your chest.

Sliding up your backbone, to your shoulders, and spreading out, connecting your entire body to pleasure.

All as you tease your asshole with delicious vibrations.

Back and forth.



Feel your sensitivity. Feel your tenderness. And eagerness.

Let it fill you alongside the pleasure.

Let it wash over all of your stresses and hurts and insecurities, and push them away. There is no room inside you for negativity.

This golden pleasure flows through you.

You feel it fill you, and you just relax.

With every movement of the toy along your anus and taint, you feel more relaxed.

You feel the pleasure filling you further.

Up to your nipples.

Filling your heart.

Up your spine.

On the back of your neck, you feel the warmth of this pleasure, like a hot breath breaking onto you.

Yes. Relax. Feel nothing but the pleasure.

You may want to turn up the vibration now. Or not. This pleasure is all yours to do with as you will.

To enjoy.

To revel in.

You deserve this.

You deserve to relax and feel all of this pleasure.

You deserve this bliss. This joy.

You deserve to feel this thrilling sensation. Spreading out from your ass. That soft brown button of yours.



So blissful.

So sweet.

So lovely.

That’s right. Relax even more.

Allow yourself to feel this greater pleasure. Give in to your need.

As the tip of the vibrator slides around and around, circling your sensitive hole, feel yourself giving in to the pleasure that is building.

You may want to change the settings now. Or switch up the pressure. Or stay exactly as you are—whatever feels good to you right now.

Whatever gives you the most pleasure.

Feel your brain taken over by glittering, sweet, golden pleasure. Warmth suffuses you. You feel like light will burst forth from you at any moment. Light filled with pleasure and joy and love and acceptance.

Because you are relaxed.

You are feeling your body’s pleasure centers vibrate in time with your toy.

You are opening yourself to yourself. To your full potential for pleasure right now.

Because you deserve it.

You deserve to feel such deeply satisfying pleasure. You deserve to feel this warmth.

You deserve to awaken every last inch of your body to the kinds of pleasure you deserve to feel.

Yes. Do it for you.

For yourself.


Very good.

How comfortable this is.

How delicious, how right to feel pleasure.

Yet another way to add to the sensations you are learning to feel in your anus.

Building up.

Still slow.

Still sweet.

Still so much pleasure.

But growing. Building on itself. getting more sensitive as time goes on touching yourself with the vibe. Teasing yourself.

As you play, you may find your toy slipping in and out of your anus, being invited in by your opening hole.

That’s wonderful.

Slip your vibe in and out, around and around. Feel your sensitive anus responding, opening up.

Do not yet press through your second sphincter. Nor focus on pressure or penetration as a goal. Just let your body decide what you do, and make it all about pleasure and exploration with the vibe.

Let your body relax even more. Just melt into the pleasure.

Concentrate on the different sensations you are experiencing.

Slip the tip around the outer edge. Feel it tickle on the outside, and the sensitive nerve bundles right there.


Back to front.

Front to back.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

Feel it. That slippery path of bliss.

Now, slide the tip of your toy inside, just a bit. Just enough to tease the nerves along the inside of your rectum. Feel those nerves brighten in pleasure, and add a layer of glittery warmth to the sensations rushing through your body, taking over your mind.

Sliding in, then out. Slipping around the outer edge, then diving back in, the tiniest bit.

Feel how even that barest tip of your vibrator creates a filling sensation combined with the vibration and completely and totally different from the outer touch.

Gently slide the vibe back and forth by just a quarter inch, waking up each nerve ending to pleasure.



You’re opening up.

Slide in just a bit deeper. Touch the inner gates of the second sphincter with that vibrating tip.

Don’t press through, simply slide out and back in, feeling that inner gate. Caress it with the vibrating toy.


Feel this part of your body awaken to the sensations. Feel the nerve endings around the muscle light up with pleasure at the pulses being sent through.



There is nothing you feel besides pleasure and relaxation.

Layers and layers of pleasure.




All of this amazing pleasure and warmth.

And you want more. You know you do.

Not yet.

This is all about relaxation and teaching your body the pleasure it can feel through anal play with a vibrator.


And joy.

No expectations to cum.

No need to get off.

Just feel it. Relax into it. Enjoy it.

That’s good.

Now, slow down and slip out slowly.

Feel your toy getting lighter and lighter as you stroke the outside of your anus in farewell.

Come slowly out of your pleasure state, still feeling relaxed and stress-free.

Feel a warm energy suffusing your body.

Turn your toy down and pull it away.

Breathe in deeply, taking a moment to savor the time you’ve just spent focusing on anal pleasure.

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