Learn To Love Anal: Multiple Fingers, Lesson 4

Learn To Love Anal: Multiple Fingers, Lesson 4

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In this step, we are using more than a single finger. Two fingers should cause no pain. If you choose to add a third, there may be some minor pain of stretching.

If you feel pain, pause and the the anus get used to the stretch. It should fade relatively quickly, and you may proceed with caution.

Make sure you are using plenty (more than you think!) of lube.

There may also be a quick pain once in a while of pinching between fingers. This is rare, but could happen.

Plenty of lube helps, as if the skin can’t catch, it can’t pinch.

Remember: If you continue to experience pain, you definitely should stop what you’re doing at the very least, and/or get checked out by a medical professional before continuing, as there is something potentially very wrong.

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