What are alpha traits?

Of course, no one is 100% alpha or 100% other.

We all have both inside of us, some of us leaning more heavily towards Alpha and other is leading more heavily towards the opposite end.

Let’s look over some alpha traits.

Drive Versus Drift

Drive is a combination of desire and energy directed at achieving a goal.

Knowing what you want in life and aggressively pursuing it versus not having a direction and drifting.


  • Having clear goals and being willing to work harder than most to achieve them.
  • Being open to feedback and suggestions, which will help them correct course and achieve goals more quickly.
  • Always looking for learning opportunities.
  • Working to control and respond to emotional challenges to avoid unnecessary harm, conflict, or wasted time.
  • Rewarding yourself for accomplishments and progress.
  • Suggesting new ideas and solutions to make your own and other’s lives better—and turning those ideas into actions and actions into results.
  • Finding the right people to model and work beside.


  • Having dreams instead of goals, and often making play or “down time” a priority over progress.
  • Taking feedback or suggestions personally, and getting offended or defensive, rather than putting them to work.
  • Feeling like you know enough.
  • Letting emotions take over their lives/situations.
  • Rewarding yourself for making it through the minimal day.
  • Constantly waiting to others to make suggestions and decisions.
  • Spending time with whomever comes into your life, rather than choosing people who are good for you.

Let’s Discuss!

Do any of these traits hit home with you?

It’s OK if you find a mixture of drive and drift. Rarely is someone 100% drive, and THAT’S OK.

The key is how you feel about your blend. Is it right for you? What, if anything, might you want to change?


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