Alpha Submissive: Yield Your Strength

Alpha Submissive: Yield Your Strength

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Busy Versus Bored

You keep busy with personal priorities and things you love versus being bored and looking for direction.

It’s not that you don’t want direction.

You probably do. You’re submissive, after all.

However, you also know what needs to be done, and you enjoy doing it. Also, you like looking for ways to anticipate service and needs, because, again, you know what needs to be done.


Note: I don’t mean busy, like simply LOOKING busy, or staying beusy because you can’t keep still. I mean creating a full and busy life of things that you both take responsibility for and want to do.

  • Activities are prioritized, with the RIGHT things getting done, not just anything that pops up.
  • Time is planned and budgeted, to make sure that priorities are taken care of.
  • Delegate (or put off) as needed, to make sure the RIGHT things get done. The dishes may not be dried this evening, because getting rest to start the day off tomorrow on a good footing matters.
  • Says “No” to protect their priorities (and those of people that matter personally and professionally).
  • Meets a problem or a barrier, and sees a challenge, works to solve it.
    Plans to have the right tools and necessary information on hand.
  • Organized, to keep up with their priorities AND to give down-time when things are completed.
  • Can always find something to do—something they need to do or something they want to do.


  • Anything that grabs attention gets done, leading to important tasks being left wanting for attention, and unimportant, urgent tasks getting focus and completion.
  • Time is used as it comes, and when the set amount is done, everything is set aside until the next shift.
  • Delegates or putts off out of laziness, missing drive, or lack of personal pride.
  • Rarely says “No,” and as a result, ends up having too much on their plate—or too many low-priority tasks taking up their time.
  • Meets a problem or a barrier, and sees an excuse to stop or wait for someone to give direction.
  • Forgets the tools, often ends up delaying a task or stopping it to wait for tools or necessary information.
  • Disorganized, so often works longer (but not smarter) and with less effort (and productivity) than those who take time to organize.
  • Feels “bored” even when there are responsibilities waiting, tend to look for outside ideas and direction.

Let’s Discuss!

Which of these traits hit home with you?

I’ll tell you there were a few “bored” traits that I’ve been guilty of…I am sometimes a “fly by the seat of my pants” type (disorganized, sometimes, especially at the beginning of a project), when I could be more organized.

How do you feel about your blend of traits. Is it right for you? What, if anything, might you want to change?


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