Alpha Submissive: Yield Your Strength

Alpha Submissive: Yield Your Strength

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Hard Work Versus Giving Up

You’re not a quitter.

Far from it. You’ll probably stick with something to the bitter end, because, damnit, you KNOW how to make things happen.

And that’s a good quality.

When not taken too far.

In this chapter, we’ll look at Hard Work, Giving Up, and also when putting a project or idea away might be the best choice.

Hard Work

By hard work, I’m not suggesting physical labor or solving life’s mathematical formulas (although you are welcome to it!). I’m talking about digging in when life is pushing back, sticking with it, even finding an easier or faster way to do something—rather than just giving up.

  • Seeing an obstacle as a challenge, and upping your game to conquer it.
  • Putting in the time and practice to get better at something.
  • Has a clear understanding of the purpose of the work.
  • Feeling pride in accomplishing tasks.
  • Enjoying the work for the work’s sake.

Giving Up

  • Giving up when things get in your way.
  • Stopping when things are uncomfortable or make you feel awkward.
  • Seeing no real need for the work in their overall life plans.
  • Asking “What’s the point?” Since you have a history of not finishing projects.
  • Hating the work, because the results are what really matter.

Time to put it away?

Ask yourself these questions to determine if putting that project, idea, or part of your life to rest might be the best decision for you:

Why did you start it to begin with? We often start projects because we are trying to help someone out, then we are too stubborn to leave them—even when the original beneficiary is long gone.

What makes you want to keep going? If the answer is nothing, well, that’s pretty telling, huh?

Is there anything that would make this whatever worth continuing? And how likely is that to happen/come about?

What do I gain by letting go? Holding on to projects can be a sign of persistence or of stubbornness. And everything we say yes to has a cost—something we also have to say no to. What might freeing up this mental time and space do for you?

Let’s Discuss!

Any of these traits hit home with you?

When I was young, I was willing to give up a lot more than I have in the past 5-10 years. I can see a lot of my past self in the “giving up” section.

Now, I can see myself firmly planted in the Hard Work section, sometimes too much. The “Time to put it away?” Section is a good reminder to me! LOL!

How do you feel about your blend of traits. Is it right for you? What, if anything, might you want to change?


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