Forced Bitchyness – Or Total Bitchification™ and Control with TwooMastery™ – Part I

Forced Bitchyness – Or Total Bitchification™ and Control with TwooMastery™ – Part I

The words: Forced Bitchyness - Or Total Bitchification™ and Control with TwooMastery™

I can’t help it, Master. Your powerful words make me a total bitch for you to use for your self-humiliation pleasure.

I don’t want to do it. I’ve dreaded this deep desire in me for my whole life, but for you, because you are powerful and you show me the meaning of TwooMastery™, I will bow before you and release the inner bitch just dying to be set free into the world.

Only for you would I ever.

No, of course not, I would never, ever on my own! That is so filthy for you to suggest. It’s just when you approach me with your Masterly words, I feel my insides start to tremble with need.

I try, oh how I try to resist! I know it’s wrong and dirty to be bitchy. I fight to hold onto all that is good inside me, but you are too strong. You wear me away, pare me down to my needy core, and force me to reveal myself to you, every facet of my shameful self.

I know I need it. I crave it. Only you can really set me free from the chains that bind me day in and day out. Only you can release the magical bitchy that is me to the world, so I can fulfill my deepest fantasies.

I’ve saved a few of my most favoritest exchanges, so you know which powerful exchanges have affected me the most, which I share with my friends in whispered and caught breaths, and which run through my dirty dreams night after night.

Example 1

In which I could feel your experience in forced bitchyness in your very first message to me

You really should have at least just one revealing picture.


Do you want the truth or do you want me to simply boost your ego?

Obviously the truth. Or why bother?

Very well. The truth is you are simply average. Oh yes I am sure some men fall all over you trying to get between your legs but do they stay? Of course not. If they did you would not be here. So you are fooling yourself time after time into thinking you are hotter than you are. So with that said you have to try harder. You have to show more desirable men you have the goods. That you are not inhibited and that you are willing to take a chance.

This doesn’t mean you have to give it all away immediately. But you do need to tease more and show yourself so that others can see your willing to put yourself out there.

Ahhh. I see.

Well, I’ll tell you the truth, instead of boosting your ego in return.

I am of average looks. I know that. I don’t have a problem with it.
It’s always been a benefit to me, actually. I have said many times I
wouldn’t like to look like a super-model. I would just be trouble,

I get plenty of attention, despite my average visage, because I am a
sexual and sensual person, and people catch on to that fast.

Therefore, I have no shortage of suitors. Sure, you suggest they might not stay long… And that may be true in the experience of the LSE women you obviously prey on. They fall for words, and end up with nothing.

Oh, and I’m not a submissive. Not sure if you bothered reading my
profile, or if your comprehension is less-than average, but I am
primarily dominant, so simply pleasing and attracting men like
yourself holds less interest to me than a dead ant on the sidewalk.

Best of luck to you in finding what you are looking for. smiles

Example 2

In which your questioning of my reality when contacting me sent me into swoons

Greeting. I have been attempting to relocate to the Wilmington area, but as life has it…many unexpected events occurs. I normally stay around Military Cuttoff and Eastwood when I am there, or stay at a friends vacation house at Carolina Beach.

That’s nice. smiles

It would be better if I got a chance to discover whether you are real.

Real? As in…?

As far as I know, I’m real. But I could be a figment of your imagination. That’s a matter of your personal philosophy though. I won’t play with that.


That’s nice. I just joined today.

I don’t know how to attach my voice. Maybe take a look at my FetLife profile. That’s me, too. Lots of me there, over the past 6 years. History of people who know me, photos, writing and more.

Or not. I don’t care.

I’m real. Either you accept that and start treating me like a human instead of trying to make me jump hoops, or not. That’s up to you.

LOL! Damn… sounds like you have a quick temper. As you know, so many poser, fakes and liars exist on this site…so, we must do what we can to try to discover the truth.

I will look at your fetlife page; is your fetlife the same screen name as here?

Did you receive my pic and my voice message.

No. I just don’t have time for silliness. My profile specifically states that my FL is the same as this site, so you could have checked that out before even contacting me.


Yes, I received your pic and voice.

Look, you are not the only one that I am responding too…..and you are right, I could have looked more carefully what was written as oppose to concentrating on your pics.,

So, is this how you interview….through stressful direct abrasive approach. I mean….that works too. Hell, I was just trying to get to know your pretty ass….not there to own you. Damn…..I hate pretty ass white girls.

Oh, so tell me that I’m not special… Cool.

I’m direct. If you think I’m being abrasive, that’s on you. I’m not being insulting, simply stating facts.

YOU wrote to me, then asked me to prove myself. I call bullshit.

If you’d like to prove to yourself that I’m real, then come back and start over, that’s cool.

This conversation continues fitfully to this day, where you leave me bereft for a few days or a week at a time, hoping, wishing that you will come back and ply your trade.

When will you make this the 24/7 TBE (total bitchyness exchange) relationship that I so crave?

Example 3

In which your way with words immediately puts me into headspace, but I go too deep to soon and lose you.


Really? That’s how you approach a woman?

any approach i do is kinky

rolls eyes

Thank you, but no thanks. Best of luck to you!

im rich u fAILED

Example 4

In which you overwhelmed me with your experience.

…have you ever been with a Dom before?

Yeah, but as a primarily dominant female, I’m more of a handful than most can handle.

I will ask a few questions as a Dom now.

When you’re alone, what’s the most exciting type of adult video for you to see?

Lesbian, but honestly, I don’t watch much. I feel it hampers my imagination.

How many times a week do you try to orgasm?

I don’t try. I’m pretty damn good at accomplishing.

And honestly, that’s something I’d save for someone who I connected with in more than a few short messages, Dom or not.

And have you tried bottom sex recently? I ask that for a reason

Bottom as in as a submissive, or ass play?

As in anal

Again, a question I will not answer at this stage of the discussions.

Here’s the thing. My screen name, EarnItAll, means exactly that. If you want my servitude, earn it. If you want my domination, earn it. My friendship, my wit, etc.

I expect no less of anyone I interact with.

If you want the answers to your questions, Mr. Dom, then give something that makes me WANT you to know the answers.

Otherwise, you are pixels on a screen, and I’m not interested in being wank-fodder.

You misunderstand what it’s about then

It? You mean BDSM?

I mean the idea of Dom/sub….actually I think you are curious about it but apprehensive

LOL! You being “a Dom” does not make you “my Dom.”

I find it fascinating how hard you are looking for someone who gives it up that easy.

A dominant in my book would not have to proclaim himself or focus on “TEH WON TWOO WAY.”

So, either you are having an off day, or you are better searching for those who don’t know what it’s all about and will fall for the patter without you having to show who you are as a man and step up first.

Thank you, Master. Please keep them coming. I need more. Crave more.

NOTE: Examples have been collected from various sites and multiple amazing Masters I have had the good fortune to encounter. Some have lasted longer than others, but they all leave me in the end, bereft, with no one who really understands my core desire for forced Bitchification™.

cries so hard

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