Happy National Tea Month!

Happy National Tea Month!

So, this is all about me. I love tea. I drink it pretty much every day, and I like to keep dozens of varieties around, so I can drink tea based on my mood.

So, for me to say to someone that I love them more than tea, well, that’s a BIG DEAL.

And since January is National Tea Month, I’d love to share with you a kinky sexy fun play technique I’ve had with tea over the years.

And if you’re not a fan of tea (Gasp! You MONSTER!), you can always use the almost-acceptable substitute of cocoa or that beast bean water some of y’all drink…

Just don’t tell me about it.


It’s a simple game of hot and cold.

Get your partner blindfolded and comfortable, where you can access their body.

I like to sit between their legs and they lay back before me, but you can choose your favorite position.

Within reach, have a cup of hot tea and a cup of ice water. If you are the type to enjoy long sessions, maybe also have a couple of thermoses as well, to top of the liquids, or to heat them up/cool them down as needed.

Have your regular pay toys with you, as you wish.

The goal is to use the hot tea and cold ice water to heat up or cool down your hands and/or mouth in alternating (I like random) turns, touching and licking and sucking with the added effect of temperature heightening your partner’s sensations.

Also, use your breath. The hot or cold can change how your breath feels along their body.

And play with hem being wet or dry as well.

It can be an amazing feeling for them to have your intensely warm tongue licking them, or your hot hands rubbing them, or your cool breath tickling their neck.

If they are naked, that’s a great feeling, but those who enjoy latex and other types of clothing play can feel the temperature through their garments, and get a different effect.

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