Teasing, my style…

Teasing, my style…

Well, that’s ONE of my styles, for sure.

But I have a lot of styles, depending on my mood. Some are a bit less…aggressive. More sweet. Kind. Even silly.

Most, however, are focused around the sexual chemistry and desire between us. Your need for me—all of me. Everything I am as a woman, as a dominant, and as your partner.

That is the power that I love most.

I guess it’s a sort of femme-fatale thing. The idea that your desire for me sometimes overrides your sense. Maybe I watched too many movies growing up with those themes, I dunno.

And yet, if you don’t have the strength to resist me (and others) most of the time, if you are not strong and capable in general, then that desire for me doesn’t mean a whole lot.

I just thought of an analogy.

Wind, a breeze, happens nearly every day. It’s just there.

A gale-force or hurricane wind, well, that is something else entirely. It is special. It gets your attention, and it’s hard to think of or do anything else.

I love being both. I want your desire to be a light breeze that is always blowing of you. Fanning the flames of your desire, but not so much that it distracts you or interrupt your day.

Sometimes, I’d like it to gust out of nowhere, taking you by surprise. Maybe knocking you a bit off balance.

But that hurricane, that gale, I like to be the one to call that down on you. To make that happen. To arrest your ability to function beyond you and I, right now, right here.

To me, that is the power that turns me on. That really makes me hot.

That power. Over you. Because I love you, choose you, respect you.

What are the ways that you love power (or enjoy being in someone’s power?

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