“Why would you say no to that? Unless you’re a little shit?”

“Why would you say no to that? Unless you’re a little shit?”


This is a direct quote from VioletLyte from last month’s Life in Submission event (Want to join the next one free? https://datingkinky.com/submission ), where they taught The Write Stuff: How to Create Your Own Submissive Resume, Contracts, and Code of Ethics.

During the Q&A, Caity mentioned that they have written out the sorts for beings they find they respond best to in a D/s relationship, and that they have gotten some push-back/offense from dominants not wanting to be “told what to do.”

At which time, VioletLyte said:

“Anyone that would turn down getting to know you however that’s possible can just get the fuck out,” and “I’m giving you a list of how to dominate me in the best way possible…”

“This is gold. This is how to get in my pants GOLD. You know what I’m sayin’? Why would you say no to that? Unless you’re a little shit?”

Which made me laugh out loud. And clap. And agree. And write it down, so I could share it with y’all.

As a dominant, I want to know everything I can about those I interact with.

In fact, as a human, that’s pretty much my shtick.

I’m reading Mastery, by Robert Greene right now. And in it, one of the things he talks about is that in order to fully master your life’s work, you will need to both master yourself, and your interactions with others.

(I’ll write more about this in another writing.)

And when I went to Thailand for a sexual hypnosis and training seminar, we also spent the first few days learning to master ourselves and clear out detritus from our own minds, before we learned how to start training and working with other’s minds.

So we don’t accidentally “install” a neuroses or bad behavior.

KNOWING the people we plan to play with, train, love, command, dominate, live with, grow with…whatever…is something that should be pursued by anyone with a genuine interest in being a successful human.

And if it’s handed to you in the form of a book, or a writing, or a piece of art, or interpretive dance, or whatever…

Why would you say no to that? Unless you’re a little shit?

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