Nay, Do not forget thy audience…

Nay, Do not forget thy audience…

Who are you trying to attract with your profile? Write to THAT person, or those people.

Spending a ton of time listing what you don’t want and what you’re not looking for will not only NOT matter to the people who don’t match you and are likely to annoy you most, but it will also likely put off the people you are writing to.

Few people feel positive about connecting with someone who lists a bunch of don’t wants:

  • I don’t want a gold-digger.
  • I don’t want someone with kids.
  • I don’t want anyone who is taller than me.
  • I don’t want anyone with emotional baggage.
  • I don’t want anyone with a bad attitude.


Talk to the person you want to connect with about the things you hope to connect over:

  • I’d love it if you liked to cook with me, or at least loved to explore different foods that I make for you.
  • Enjoy long evening of snuggling and debating? Great! So do I!
  • Do most humans make you itch? Are you looking for the people-hater and introvert who not only doesn’t hate you, but is actually quite fond of you? Her I am!

Those are a bit silly and off the top of my head, but I am pretty sure they get the point across.


I’m a dominant, and I like to take charge in my relationships. You are submissive, a switch, or interested in submitting to me, if we match well. You’ll enjoy the mental aspects of kink, and exploring the world through sex and trying new things.


Dating Kinky is hosting a 4-week profile makeover event online for a select group of people of different roles, genders, sexual orientations, races, and abilities.

I, our brilliant coaches, and your partner (you’ll be paired up with someone new each week) will work with you every step to get you the BEST DAMN dating profile you have ever had!

And we’ll share your progress with the dating world, so others can meet you, learn about your challenges and follow along as you create your profile.


Learn more here:

We’d love to have you join us!

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