This Is Not About Changing YOUR Mind…

This Is Not About Changing YOUR Mind…

A journal page with a giraffe on it, with a handwritten speech bubble containing the words, "It's Not Always About You"

In fact, none of what I write or discuss online is about convincing you to change your mind.

I don’t really care what you think/feel.

I mean, sure, if I think you’re a bigot, I’d love for you to not be, for the sake of the people around you and the people you may hold some sort of power over, but making you a not-bigot is not my goal on a daily basis.

After all, you have a right to think and believe as you see fit, and I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the consequences and are willing to live with those.

If you already have a strong opinion, I’m not writing to you.

You’re welcome to read and debate your points. I actually love that.

You’re not my target audience.

The AUDIENCE is my audience.

Calling you out as a bigot (if you are) is not about changing your mind.

It’s about letting those who are reading who have to deal with your bigotry or bigots like you in their lives that I will stand for them. That I, for one, do NOT think bigotry is OK.

Telling you publicly that your homo- or bi- or transphobia is wrong, is not really because I think you’ll listen, but because there are people who are hurt by your casual hate-words on a screen, and I write to put myself out there as someone who cares enough to stand up for them because that is what’s right.

There are so many people who write to me and say that I shouldn’t waste my time debating with you.

That you will never change your mind.

Well, it’s not about changing your mind.

It never was.

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