I love when you beg.

I love when you beg.

Let me be clear. I have ZERO interest in begging or wheedling or you trying to convince me of something I’ve already said “No” to.

That’s just…ewww. Gross.

But something I love doing with you? Especially something that take s a bit of effort or a specific mindset (like a very dominant one), OH YEAH! That’s the shit I’m talking about.

Because I run on need and desire.

I love when you crave what I do to you.

And I adore hearing about it.

When you tell me how much you want something.

When you convince me that you want it as much (or more) than I do.

That you crave it right now. That you need it. That your physical and emotional reactions are primed to be off the charts. That your eyes will shine and cloud up with desire when I do THAT THING. That I will be able to gorge myself on your pleasure and get high from your lust.

And in turn, your bogging will bring my beast to the surface. It will increase my pleasure and my sense of power. It will heighten every sense I have, as I become more of a predator. I will feel everything more strongly, and loosen up my inhibitions.

So I say to you, “I want to hear you beg.”

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