Stay single until you are appreciated.

Stay single until you are appreciated.

Which seems obvious and impossible both, sometimes.

It sucks to be lonely.

It can suck super hard.

And sometimes, those holes inside us feel like they will kill us if we don’t fill them.

But let me ask you this: If you get into a relationship just to avoid being alone, what are you trading for the dubious honor of feeling insignificant and not enough, and lonely even in company?

Your love?
Your time?
Your body?
Your affection?
Your effort?
Your self-confidence?
Your happiness?

I can’t answer that question for you. I also won’t tell you what to do, since you’re (presumably) a grown-ass adult who can do what you want.


I think more than anything, I’m suggesting that you take a bit of time to think about it, and whether it’s worth it.

And maybe, just maybe, stay single until you’re appreciated.

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