“I Don’t Want To Carry Tales.”

“I Don’t Want To Carry Tales.”

And that’s why they didn’t tell me.

That this person had a past. A dark past. One that could affect me and people I love and protect.

Because, “I don’t want to carry tales.”

Because, “Well, I figured it was sour grapes.”

Because, “I was never involved first hand.”

Because, “Well this other person was acting jealous.”

Because, “The victim asked me not to say anything.”

So, they didn’t tell me.

Would it have made a difference?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I would have known that there was something, even if I didn’t believe, I would have known.

I would have had the ability to consent, knowing, instead of consenting with no knowledge whatsoever, thinking everything was peachy-keen.

Until it wasn’t.

One of the greatest hurts of my life was finding out that someone I loved and trusted did not want to carry tales, when knowing what they knew when they knew could have saved me, could have saved my partner at the time…

Or maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference.

But I would have known.

So, what is the answer?

I don’t know, definitively. I know that different people feel differently. I tend to approach it like this:

“Hey, I know something about this person that you may not know. You may want to know it, you may not. It could be considered negative. Would you like me to tell you, even though it’s just [my experience/something I’ve heard/possibly ancient history]?”

Then, they can consent or not. If they do not, I simply say, “Ok. If you ever change your mind, I’m happy to share.”

What do you do? Do you always want to know or do you prefer that they keep it to themselves, so you can form your own opinion from their current words and actions?

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